GOTLAND August 8 -15, 2021

One week, 600 events and 40,000 visitors. The Medieval Week is a paradise for all who like jousting, markets, concerts, street theater, fire shows, storytelling, walks, lectures and more. The festival runs mainly in Visby's medieval fairytale environments, but also in rural Gotland. Here you will laugh, socialize and enjoy life together with minstrels, noble people, paupers and many more. Welcome! 

The 2020 version was 100% digital, earning the organization the prestigous prize "Årets stora turismpris", the annual grand tourism prize. Whatever the covid-19 situation will be in August 2021, we will strive to give all our online and on site visitors a safe and uplifting experience.

We are proud to introduce our new CEO, Christopher Sandberg, who will lead the Medieval Week into the future together with the participants in this co-creational open air festival.


Regarding the Medieval Week and Covid-19: The Medieval Week's office and board follow closely the development of Covid-19 and the restrictions that apply to this, in collaboration with other Swedish organizers, networks and authorities.


We still don't know what the restrictions will look like in August 2021. If restrictions continue to apply on the date for upcoming year’s Medieval Week: August 8-15 2021, we will communicate this as soon as we receive that information. In such case, decisions on how the Medieval Week will be affected are made in accordance with the requirements of the authorities.

Our goal is to carry out a wonderful Medieval Week in 2021 in a safe way. We encourage you all to take care! Remember to minimize the spread of infection and dream away to warmer and more beautiful Summer days in the Middle Ages. 

/ Medieval Week's office and board 


Being a volunteer means that you can experience the Medieval week from a totally different perspective and be in one of the week's most important teams. A great group of coworkers who face all sorts of fun challenges between heaven and earth. Welcome as a volunteer at the Medieval Week!


Are you an ambitious person who wants to work with a fantastic group of people and get a perfect opportunity to see how a large scale event works behind the scenes, not to mention to get yourself a good merit for your resume? Then you should apply to become one of our volunteers! The Application form for Medieval week 2021 (August 8-15) is now open.

For infomation about Covid-19 and this years Medieval Week, please see latest updates here on our web or on our social media: Facebook (mostly in Swedish) and Instagram (English and Swedish).

Disclaimer: we will arrange the Medieval week if we get all the formal approvals.
To volunteer, you need to: 
  • Be at least 18 years old at the start of the festival
  • Work at least 4 shifts of 4 hours during the Week
  • Be prepared that some shifts will take place during the evening
  • Be sober during your shifts
  • Be able to work with different types of people 
  • Be active and not afraid to jump in where it’s needed 
  • Be friendly and spread a good atmosphere among both visitors and your co-volunteers 
As a volunteer, you get access to these benefits:
  • Be part of a great team! 
  • Entry to a variety of events during Medieval Week - N.B subject to availability!
  • One food voucher per working shift 
  • Free accommodation at the Medieval Week festival campsite (own tent and equipment required) 
  • Exclusive volunteer gift 

If you have any questions about volunteering, don’t hesitate to contact us via email:
[email protected] 

As an activity host, you work at the Knight’s Garden, a children’s medieval activity area. You will give instructions and directions to visiting families. 
 To volunteer as an activity host you need to: 
  • Be prepared to give easier instructions to both children and adults. 
  • Enjoy and feel confident in working with children and young people. 
  • Enjoy varied tasks. 
Working as an activity host involves: 
  • Working with other volunteers at Medeltidsveckan's activity area for children 
  • Meeting many new people, both children and adults, and providing instructions for visitors at your station.  
As an entrance host you will work at the various entrances to Medeltidsveckan's areas and events, like campsites, shows, Knight's garden and the main arena. You will check tickets, give directions and control audience flow. The tasks may vary depending on what entrances you are at. 
To volunteer as an entrance host you need to: 
  • be friendly and sociable and enjoy talking to people

    be able to give clear directions 
  • preferably speak Swedish 
  • be able to handle a smartphone or similar for ticket checks 
Volunteering as an entrance host involves: 
  • manning entrances, along with at least one more volunteer 
  • giving information and directions to our visitors 
  • checking tickets and passes, letting visitors in and out 
  • controlling flow of visitors through the entrance 
  • working at least 4 x 4 hours during the week  
As a Roadie you work together with Medeltidsveckan's staff before and after the festival with rigging and tearing outdoors to help us create the festival area. 
To volunteer as a roadie you need to: 
  • Be prepared for physical outdoor work of varying character. 
  • Be available during July 28-31 and August 9-10 (6 days). 
  • Enjoy problem solving in a group 
Working as a roadie involves: 
  • Working with Medeltidsveckan's staff before and after the festival 
  • Physical work tasks like heavy lifting, carrying and building 
  • Being off work during the festival 
As a house elf you will spend most of your time at Medeltidsveckan's office to support the staff with cooking and cleaning. Medieval dress is voluntary for this role. 
To be a house elf you need to: 
  • enjoy and have basic skills in cooking

    be thorough

    appreciate varying assignments 
The house elf assignment involves: 
  • making sure there is food and drink (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea) for the office staff 
  • keeping the office clean and tidy

    doing some additional shopping, if needed 
  • other assignments, if necessary 
  • working at least 4 x 4 hours during the week      

Festival Camping

Looking for a place to stay during your visit to the Medieval Week? Welcome to the Medieval Campground! Meet new and old friends in either the modern part of the camp or the medieval section. We offer a beautiful sea view with the old hanseatic town and the medieval market in walking distance. This is more than a common accommodation - it is an experience!

Festival Camping

The campground is situated in the north of Visby on Galgberget, the old gallow, near the city center and has areas for both modern and medieval tents. You pay a fixed price per person, making it just as convenient for single person tents or groups in military tents or medieval pavilions.

Update due to Covid-19: For the season 2020 we offer a full reimbursment of booked camping fees if you cancel your trip more then 28 days ahead of the festival.
Make your reservation via the link below.

Medieval camping or modern tents?
We encourage everyone to live medieval - the most wonderful experience during the Medeltidsvecka! To live in the medieval section, you need some form of medieval or medieval inspired tent. If you are uncertain about what part you want to live in and how your tent fits, you can make your decision once you are here. Both sections are next to each other and you have access to move freely in both areas so it is a good opportunity to meet new friends and get inspired for next year! 

AGE LIMIT You must be 16 years old and have a written certificate from your legal guardian if you are under 18 years old and travel yourself or in a group without a guardian present. 

In case of cancellation, debit will be canceled as follows: 28 days or more before arrival: 10% of the booking price (registration fee) - FULL REIMBURSMENT IF CANCELLED BEFORE 4th OF JULY.
27-12 days before arrival: 25% of the reservation price.
11-2 days before arrival: 50%.
1-0 days before arrival: 100%. Fees for cancellation, change, invoice and booking fee are not refundable. 

We offer no places for caravans.
CONTACT The reception is manned around the clock and you can always reach us by telephone. The number can be found at the reception. 

FACILITIES In the camping area, there are simpler facilities with WC, a recycling station, a 24-hour front desk with the possibility to purchase hygiene items, etc. Showers are in the neighboring sport arena, which is a short walk from the campsite itself. Here we provide you with a good standard of showers. Mobile phone charging station and electrical outlets are available at reception. It is not possible to draw electricity to individual tents. 

In the camp area, there is a general ban on fire except for the organizer's assigned places. You can find these in the outskirts of the area, as marked on the campsite map. Firewood is available at the reception. It is extremely important that you respect these conditions as the fields are often very dry in August. For cooking in conjunction with your tent area, we recommend modern camp. Keep in mind that even here caution is taken. 

GROUND / SOIL SURFACE The Medieval section is in a meadow. In the modern tent section, a field preparation has recently been made. We recommend a tarpaulin to use as a floor if the tent has no floor. We also recommend air mattresses or sleeping bags to sleep on, or the medieval equivalent. 

To live in the medieval section, you need some form of medieval or medieval inspired tent. If you are uncertain about what part you want to live in and how your tent fits, you can make your decision once you are here. 
PARKING When booking, please mark if you bring a vehicle, to help us calculate parking spaces. There is a parking lot directly on site, if filled, there is nearby parking available. Your vehicle can not be parked directly adjacent to the tent. 

PETS You may bring pets to the campsite, but keep in mind that you are always responsible for your animal. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggressive behavior from pets and guests will be evicted immediately in case of a violation to this rule. Please notify our staff when checking in if you bring animals, for placement in a section where allergic persons or those afraid of e.g. dogs can avoid contact with your pet. 
1095 SEK per person.
The price includes camping all days during the medieval week. 
The price for children under the age of 16 in the company of a caretaker is 595 SEK
Children 0-5 years: free of charge. 

The campsite reception is manned 24h / day and you can check in and out at any time during the day. Access to the campground from Friday 4/8 at 12:00 and departure by Monday 14/8 at 16:00. 

Make your reservation via this link.

The price per person applies regardless of how many you live in the tent. As long as there is space enough and you do not close the firewall or prevent accessibility, it is ok with sun roofs / party areas adjacent to your sleeping tent. This does not bring any additional costs. 

The Medeltidsvecka has a zero-tolerance policy against violence or abuse and anyone violating this rule will be evicted immediately from the area without prior warning. The area is manned around the clock and with security guards present during the nights. Your safety is our main priority - help us keep a friendly atmosphere. If you experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact us at the reception!  

Make your reservation via the link below.

The Marketplace

The Medieval Week marketplace is the heart of the festival. Here you'll find crowds botanizing among leather craft, armor, jewelry, fabrics and period clothing. Make sure you see our artists perform on the Forum Vulgaris stage, the children can take a ride on the medieval carousel, and you can enjoy everything from wild boar burger to grilled lamb. As you probably understand that this main artery of the entire festival.

The Marketplace

Due to Covid-19 the Market has moved to the web and only exists in a digital form 2020. But all the wondrous and lovely products can still be bought from our vendors on the web. with the help of technology, you can get into direct contact with vendors and make your regular purchases from this in the year of the plague Medieval weeks edition.

Market participants you can meet in the virtual market:

Nordlys homepage: Click here!

Medeltidsmodes homepage: Click here!

Historiska Rums homepage: Click here!

Eikthyrnirs homepage: Click here!

Korps homepage: Click here!

The Historical Fabric Store hoempage: Click here!

More market participants during the Medievalweek.
Click on the name to get to their homepages. 

Lunarplexus - Clothing, accessories, and shoes

Min Kräm - organic and natural based skin care products

Krohns krukmakeri - Replicas of historical ceramic goods

Historical Fabric Store - Historical fabrics

Sidengården - Products made of silk

Magmar Naturprodukter - Magmars natural salves

micrOmagicdesign - Macrame jewelry

made by Hannele Rusila - Woven textiles of linen and wool

Weird and Wondrous Sarah Burchill - glass crafts, and the designer of this years pin  

Gabriel Forge and Blade - Custom made historical swords and knives

Gudagott - Organic skin care products

Lyktmakarn - Gotlandic wooden crafts

Bondarve Lamm & Hantverksgård - Gotlandic lamb skins, pewter posaments

Omshantisilver - design silver jewelry

Travel and

It takes only three hours by ferry from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn and two hours from Västervik to Gotland. Throughout the year, you can fly directly to Visby from Stockholm (Bromma and Arlanda), Göteborg and Malmö. During the summer there are also direct flights from Norrköping, Sundsvall, Umeå and Ängelholm. In Visby you'll find everything from first-class hotels and guest houses to Bed & Breakfasts and campsites.

Travel and living

Gotland is a very accessible island. By ferry you can travel from three locations in Sweden and if you prefer to fly, there are direct lines from seven locations around the country.

Once in place, Visby is full of incredibly charming places of various kinds - everything from multi-star hotels to simple campsites. Below we have compiled a number of good options for your journey and your accommodation during Medieval Week!


Destination Gotland traffics the main ferry lines to Gotland via Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn. Travelling to Gotland by ferry is an excellent opportunity for a few hours of relaxation to sit back and enjoy. Why not just take it easy, watch a movie, read a book and eat a meal. The ships are modern and there is a cinema, rental of portable gaming devices and much more. If you want to bring your car over to your visit to the Medieval Week there are great offers.


Your dream accommodation by the sea. On Bovidhavet.com, we specialize in accommodation that’s always within 1,000 meters to the ocean. We have a wide selection of accommodation all along the coast of Gotland. Everything from a place to put up your own tent, to cabins or hotel rooms. Call us for personal service and together we can find something that’s perfect for you!

BRA - Braathens Regional Airlines

You can travel quickly and conveniently between Visby and Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. During the summer, BRA increases traffic to the following destinations to and from Visby: Ängelholm, Sundsvall, Umeå, Helsinki, and Norrköping.


Welcome to a first-class, environmentally friendly hotel with personal service. Best Western Strand Hotel is located in the World Heritage town of Visby, just inside the city walls. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful medieval environment, a stone's throw from the sea. Located in old Visby Bryggeri brewery house. The brewery was transformed into hotel in 1982 and began as a small family hotel with 13 rooms. Today the hotel consists of 124 rooms & suites. We offer a relaxed atmosphere with free access to our cozy relaxation area.

Clarion Hotel Wisby

At Clarion Hotel Wisby, the atmosphere is fantastic. An entire neighborhood with lots of medieval features that form our hotel. Including a medieval alley now built into the complex, columns from the 1200s, and much more - all well maintained and restored. These buildings have been a hotel since the 1800's! Swimming in the hotel spa where the pool is built around a medieval column will give you an amazing experience.

Kneippbyn Resort

Kneippbyn Resort Visby is located by the sea just south of Visby. Besides our Summer & Water Wonderland, we offer a five-star campsite. Kneippbyn also has 700 beds in different categories of accommodation in simpler Bed / Breakfast cottages to hotel rooms and our contemporary dream homes. Take the opportunity to live next door to the Villa Villekulla! Regardless of the accommodation that suits you best, all of Kneippbyn is at your disposal. In the area there are several restaurants, souvenir shop, tennis court, adventure miniature golf and more.


In search of accommodation, travel information and tips on what to see and do in Gotland? On Gotland.net, the island's digital tourist center, you will find all this and more. There are guides to the best beaches, sights, restaurants and events, and the ability to create a personalized tourist brochure with just your favorites.

in the program

The Medieval Week is a creative center for artists, associations and a large variety of actors. Our vision is a broad program with varying scenes and great opportunities for both new and established groups to reach out with their productions. At the same time, we make sure that the program is of high quality, rich and full of both surprises and traditions.

Participate in the program

The Medieval Week is the place to develop all kinds of performances, a forum of like-minded, an opportunity to learn and develop. Take the opportunity to see and listen, talk and cooperate. With over 40,000 visitors to the festival, a huge audience is ready to be caught by your imagination!
Here you will find information how to enroll your production in the Medieval Week program. We strive to make a medieval experience, and to offer a broad and high quality program for our visitors. In order to participate your event must have a clear connection to the Middle Ages and all the costumes of the participants must fit into the concept. 

In the link below you will find all the information and conditions applicable so that you can enroll in the program. Once you have read all the information, you can apply by clicking the link and fill in the application. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

March 31 for shows taking place in the ruins. May 15 for all other events.


Björn Sundberg, Operations and Program Manager
[email protected]


The Medieval Week is a festival that takes place in a unique setting and in a place with unmatched opportunities. To ensure the festival's future, you can sponsor the Medieval Week by becoming the official patron. There are several different packages - for businesses, organizations and individuals.



The Medieval Week on Gotland is an important festival with great value for visitors, participants and not least the region of Gotland. We are a platform and a breeding ground for a variety of actors who find a place to develop and exist in. To ensure the festival's future, many choose to take an active responsibility for The Medieval Week by becoming an official patron. See below the powerful backbone of our organization.

Would you also like to contribute to the Medieval Weeks conservation and development? Learn more about what it means to be Patron in document above.

Patrons from 2019 

The Medieval Week on Gotland wishes to make known to one and all that the below listed have honorably and generously contributed, so that new stories can be created, new memories etched into our minds and that many more can get rest and peace on the Island of Roses. Thus they shall be called such: Patron of The Medieval week 2019 and receive all the honor which that entails.




A Medieval Christmas

The festival is more than hot August evenings. As of tradition, we host again the Medieval Yule - December 8th through 10th in Visby. Colourfull entertainment in pale ruins celebrating Christmastide. Friends gathering in front of warm fireplaces, medieval music in beautiful churches and time to socialize and enjoy the December darkness.

A Medieval Christmas

Medieval Yule is a development and a supplement to the traditional Medieval Week which takes place in August. For one weekend in December Visby is once again filled with medieval friends and guests. Walk through Visby with sweeping cloaks and warm hoods seeking out the medieval activities or come the way you are in more modern garment. This is a more intimate Visby that invites you to an new experience. Leave the Christmas stress of the present world and enjoy a charming time travel to Medieval Yule.
The program for Medieval Christmas 2019 will be released in early November and contains 70-100 program points over the three days. Concerts, jousting, fire shows, market, lectures, workshops, medieval taverns, fun, parades and much more. The weekend begins on Friday evening in the torchlight outside Österport - where the city gate is closed when the trade people from the countryside arrive with goods -especially beer and wine for the weekend's festivities! Meet up with us and watch the show between the guards and vendors, last year the city's two mayors were called upon to settle the dispute between them before the festivities could begin!