Our Medieval Islands are …

“Medieval islands” – various demarcated areas where you can travel safely in time,
meet friends and experience the entire Medieval Week.

Medieval pass is needed in all areas that are kept open during Medieval Week

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All our ruins and venues
and the Medieval Islands at Strandgärdet Medieval arena and the Nature arena – for performances, concerts, workshops and lectures where you can buy a seat ticket. In addition, selected places with free admission for all with medieval passes, Medieval island St. Nicolai with Bistra Haren, Medieval island S: ta Karin with Klosterlängan and Medieval island Kapitelhusgården. And Gotlands Museum with discounted admission and discount in the museum shop.

Our parks and nature areas
to socialize safely and travel in time. Strandgärdet, Paviljongsplan, Gotlandsänget and Pohlhemsplan.

The different markets
for food, drink and crafts from another world and time. Strandgärdet, Paviljongsplan and Gotlandsänget.

The campsite, both modern and historic
to live and live surrounded by illusion with medieval and friends. Both historic pavilions and modern festival tents on Galgberget with the sky, the trees and the sea as neighbors.

Historical Exhibition Camp
in one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stockholmsfänikan, Proknekt, Gutars Bågskyttar, Gantarna and Gästabudsgillet invite you to step into the medieval camp life.

A future for the world’s best medieval
The Medieval Pass ensures that Medieval Week’s future is secured and developed. Creating Medieval Week involves expenses of many millions of kronor every year. At the same time, the majority of it ise created non-profit, and by and together with the participants. This change is what allows us to open to visitors in a safe and secure way as early as 2021. Any surplus from the business is reinvested in the foundation, so that we can retain our staff and attract even more fantastic artists, lecturers, craftsmen and visitors in the future!

The medieval pass is sold online
The medieval pass is sold in various designs, with discounts for families, children and young people, students and pensioners. The medieval pass is included for those who book accommodation at the campsite. Employee passes are given with free admission to all program items, subject to space for volunteers and partners.

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