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The middle ages are invaded by folklore, fables, legends and fairy tales
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“It’s in the middle of summer – an unusually hot Sunday in August to be exact – and two events change Gotland forever. One cruel and well-known, the other hopeful and hidden in mystery. The afterlife will forever remember the battle of Visby, but something fantastic is also happening this summer, something that is only whispered among friends. Explained as wild fantasies by those who were not there. For those of us who were there in the summer of Anno Domini 1361, for us it is absolutely true. Because we see with our own eyes The well of eternity opens. And all the creatures and creatures that flow out of it! ”

– Priorinna Christina Wippervorde, Solberga kloster (from the book Magica Gotlandica, translated to modern (and english) language)

Greetings all “medievals”, vikings, pirates, orcs, landknechts and very ordinary elves,

Now is the premiere of the first film about the Medieval Week on Gotland 2022 with the Fantasy theme. We are also releasing the invitation to everyone who wants to be involved and create the elements for this summer’s festival. Here you will find the first information and important dates.

Together we make the world’s greatest medieval times!


Is this for you? Yes! You may be an artist, craftsman, volunteer, writer or lecturer. Maybe you run a shop, sell your goods from a market stall or are responsible for a restaurant. Or you represent a theater, a group of musicians or a stage show. Recreates historical camp life and culture or is a larp organizer, cosplayer, player of role-playing games, is a film podcaster or storyteller. Maybe you organize another festival, an association, are an exhibition curator at a museum or have a gallery whose dreams for 2022 fit perfectly with what we want to co-create? This invitation is for you!


Now the entire Medieval Week offer – large and small – is gathered under one program. We know that each co-creator has different needs. A small trade stand may mainly need a platter in the meadow with electricity and water and time to put it in order. A large fire show takes over an entire ruin with a long list of technology and safety routines. At the same time, we all share the same goal, to give life to the dream of a different reality. Therefore, Medieval Week welcomes all participants in a festival invitation to the 2022 Medieval Week. Our medieval islands are oases where the dream takes shape, and the program shows when and where during the week. Instead of various invitations to market participants, program participants, volunteers, associations and more, we send out one and the same to you all for strong collaboration and communication before Medieval Week.

Registrations are open!


Medieval Week 2022 has the theme Fantasy. We imagine a medieval Visby and Gotland, where the village and river people share the city streets with people and animals. Medieval Week wants to pay tribute to all fantasy geeks, from Tolkien lovers to TV series bingers. We want to promote creativity, creative joy and imagination. We want to talk about folk beliefs, superstition and the magical reality that was taken for granted in the past. In parallel with the historical re-creation of the Battle of Wisby in 1361, we welcome the strange, beloved and inspiring tales that were once quite true.

Everything about the invitation and Medieval Week on Gotland 2022 theme Fantasy can be found here, at

Warm greetings in the winter frost from all of us at the office!


Medieval Week invites you who want to create program points for the festival, in the medieval arena, in parks, ruins, urban environments and in the countryside. We are looking for completely historically correct content, preferably that highlights the difference between what we know and what we guess about the Middle Ages.

We are also looking for creative fantasy creations, taken from local mysticism such as “di sma undar jårdi”, completely own fantasies or inspired by world literature. As usual, we welcome food stalls, exhibitors, craftsmen, artists, lecturers, restaurateurs and traders. We want to hear your suggestions for ruin performances, courses, dance and park theater.
Show camp, recreated events and fashion. We especially welcome fiery magic, marvelous food and strange antics! Elf ears are just as welcome as animal head-shaped buckles, pirate hats, lambskin vests and slits. It is of course also welcome with a hand-sewn ostrich hood from Gotland’s early summer, a quarter past nine on a Sunday in August 1361. Purple tentacle burgers, shimmering lucky talismans and rust masters with buffer shields fit as well as a medieval spice shed.

And with a little luck, at Medieval Week 2022 we can once again fill moats, streets and squares with parades and fire-eaters – perhaps a carnival train with creatures and people from different worlds among berets and proboscis shoes!


The following dates and deadlines apply, subject to change.


  • Registration is open at
    More information, basic contract structure and practical details is available on the website.
  • The deadline for you to respond and submit your application is at 24.00, Monday 28th of February
  • Supplementary information, selection and contract writing begins at 15:00, Tuesday 1st of March
    Planning and adaptation takes place continuously during the period March to May. Decisions on technical rides, extended price lists for external services and other practical information will be shared on March 1st.
  • The deadline for submitting complete marketing materials is at 15:00, Friday 10th of June
    Our ambition is to publish each program content, exhibitor and participant as soon as an agreement has been written, and is happy to receive material on an ongoing basis to make it easier for visitors to pre-book. Materials must, however, be received by Medieval Week no later than 15:00, Friday 10th of June to be published in any printed matter and program.

Volunteers and associations:

Registration for volunteers opens at at 15.00, Tuesday 1st of February
For volunteers who sign up for at least 4 sessions, a Medieval Week Pass is provided for free. Day passes and a meal ticket are offered for individual volunteer sessions. More information about working groups and more on the website when registration opens.

Registration for associations that want assignments during the Medieval Week against compensation to the association opens on at 15.00, Tuesday 1st of February
We are mainly looking for employees for security work, cleaning assignments, ticket management and more. More information on the website when registration opens.


The medieval week on Gotland 2022 especially highlights the historical battles on Gotland in 1361. It is the frame story for the fantasy theme, where the horrors of war open the door to other worlds. Through Battle of Wisby, with field camps and field battles, the historical event is recreated as we know it through research. We want to bring more history of ideas into public education. What did the people see in the shadows of the narrowest alleys and out in the woods at night?

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Thank you all who reach out early with questions or comments about what is unclear. Expect an extended response time during holidays and before deadlines, so feel free to be out in good time. Contact Medeltidsveckan at [email protected] if you have any questions!


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Now we have released the Medieval Pass for the Medieval Week on Gotland 2022 theme Fantasy!

For 2022, we are introducing even more discounts for young people and families. The price will be slightly higher for adults. For children it is completely free higher up in the ages (up to 6 years), and for youth up to 15 years there is a 45% discount! We also have discounts for pensioners, persons on disability pension and students.

Pre-book your medieval camping – Weekly pass included!

Video by Adam Stumle, Any Moment Productions.

Cosplay image: Nuada from Hellboy II
Photography: Tobias Curden
Model, makeup and costume: Mairon Oakley