Mythos Chapter II: One of Us

Drama, circus acts, huge creatures, knights, horses, fire and archery! Newly written music by Garmarna! See the next part of the successful story with over 10,000 tickets sold last year!


The young Fränkan has a heartbreaking dilemma. Reluctantly, she has accepted the mission of the mythical Hwita Stjerna. Should she be able to help Gotland against the King of Denmark, or sacrifice everything to save her sick father? Negotiating with the supernatural has a price…

See this epic arena show this summer!

Meet Fränkan, Snäckbaggen, Hwita Stjerna, Tree elder, The Mayor and many more in this year’s chapter of Mythos. You do not have to have seen last year’s show, everything is explained and new truths are revealed!

In the cast: Malin Mases Arvidsson, Evert Jansson, Ida Wahlgren Stuxberg, Rebecca Seward, Oscar Karlsson, Anton Graaf, Olof Berg, Torneamentum, Gutars Bågskyttar, Eldväsen med flera. Script by Petra Norman and Sophie Säther Mahfouf. Directed by Sofia Wigand. Newly written music by Emma Härdelin and Stefan Brisland-Ferner from Garmarna.

Children 0-2 years : free, no need to book a seat ticket.