To participate with a performance or other program item during the Medieval Week means to produce and carry out the event in its entirety.

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  • The program item must be notified via the registration form to be part of the official program.
  • Ticket sales to program items are made via the Medieval Week’s booking system (Nortic), with an administrative fee per ticket, the ticket revenue then goes to the artist. Where applicable, Medieval Week buys the program item in its entirety. Program points can also be completely free for the audience (no administrative fee is charged on these tickets). It is also possible to charge a voluntary fee (“play on a hat”). Medieval Week will produce an agreement in dialogue where the compensation model is regulated.
  • We especially reward program items with clear educational content and which correlates with this year’s Fantasy theme.
  • Specify the desired time and place in the registration form. Medieval Week decides on the time and location in consultation with you.
  • Permission for the program item is applied for by Medieval Week if necessary, however, remember to take into account current guidelines for noise.
  • For legal reasons, the activity may not encourage alcohol consumption in public areas.
  • Program items with audience places provides at least 10 places for the Medieval Week (for staff, volunteers and officials such as photographers, partners and management). In the event that the seats are not occupied 30 minutes before the performance, these can be made available for sale to visitors.


  • Premises such as ruin, land or other premises according to agreement.
  • Stage, torch stand, privacy screen, table and chair for ticket sales if needed.
  • Some stages and rooms are equipped with streaming equipment, sound and lighting technology.
  • The volunteers are on site for a guided tour, lecture hall or venue and such about 60-30 minutes before the start of the program item unless otherwise agreed. (NOTE! The volunteers must not be held financially responsible and can therefore not help you with sales such as merchandise).
  • Marketing of your program item in the digital program on the website.
  • Possibility to put up posters, only in a designated places, at ruins, park area, markets and the Medieval Arena.

Available venues

The venues we plan to include in 2022 are:

  • S: t Lars , 100 seated / 200 total. The stage is 6 x 4.2 m, 50 cm high. Suitable for Music / Theater / Fire Show, Etc.
  • S: t Göran , 80 seated / 200 tot. Suitable for Music / Theater / Fire show, Etc .. The stage is 6 x 4 m, 50 cm high. Located a bit outside the wall, above the hospital and north of the Medieval Arena and the Nature Stage.
  • St. Clemens , suitable for Choir / Music / Theater. 80 seated / 150 tot. Small wooden floor at ground level. NOTE Space may need to be provided to hotel guests free of charge.
  • Helge And , 70 seated / 120 tot. Suitable for Music / Theater / Etc. If there is a scene where in 2022 (not yet decided) it is 4 x 4 m
  • S: ta Karin , Approximately 300 seats, total space for about 500 people. Suitable for larger productions / concerts. If there is a stage where in 2022 (not yet decided) it is 6 m wide, 10 m deep
  • S: t Nicolai , 300 seats, total space for about 500 pers. Suitable for larger productions / concerts.
  • The nature scene and open scenes (smaller, demarcated park areas) in market areas and medieval islands

Reservation for changes. Note that the maximum number of audiences is stated without any. restrictions.

Fill in your email address and choose a password below to start registering your program items for the Medieval Week on Gotland 2022 theme Fantasy.

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