Project ARgh

ARgh is a project with support from Leader Gute that runs over two years.

The aim is to bring to life and draw attention to parts of Gotland’s history with the help of digital technology.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Kultur Österbotten in Finland, which contributes a basic structure to an app that will then be used within the project.

As a theme, we have the fortress Landescrona which is located at Vivesholm a little bit north of Klintehamn. It is a relatively unknown part of Gotland’s history and was manned for about 300 years by everything from princes to pirates. Particularly focused is the medieval history linked to the fortress, questions such as who built the fortress and why.

The project also aims to train and employ guides for the Vivesholm area and develop a toolbox for how guidance can be created in digital environments.

Together with Kultur Österbotten, a lecture series is also arranged linked to various aspects of the history of the Baltic Sea. During the late autumn of 2021, three lectures were held about the so-called Vitalie brothers who ravaged the Baltic Sea during the Middle Ages. Links to these lectures can be found here:

The project is funded by