Volunteer at Medieval week 2023

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Are you a driven person, keen to be on Gotland this summer, willing to meet many new people and make memories and friends for life? Do you want to be involved and able to influence and contribute to something great? Then volunteering at Medieval Week is something for you!

As a volunteer, you work in a fantastic group of people with great unity, and you also get a good merit to put on your CV. Being a volunteer means that you get to experience Medieval Week from a
completely different perspective and be part of one of the week’s most important teams. Welcome as a volunteer at Medieval Week!


Registration for volunteering during Medieval Week 2023 will open shortly

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, do not hesitate to contact u

s at: [email protected]


For questions about Covid-19 and this year’s Medieval Week, we refer to updates here on our website and to our social media at Facebook & and Instagram.

To book your tickets and festival pass as a guest at Medieval week go here:

Festival pass & tickets!

Read the volunteer policy the role descriptions and then fill in the application form you will find at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer policy:

To work as a volunteer, we require that you will:

  • Have turned 18 at the beginning of the festival
  • Work 4 shifts of 4 hours during the Week (exceptions, see role description)
  • Be prepared for some sessions to take place during the evening
  • Be sober and drug free during your shifts
  • Be able to work with different types of people
  • Be active and not afraid of physical labour
  • Spread a good atmosphere among both our visitors and your fellow volunteers

As a thank you for your work as a volunteer, you get to share in these benefits:

  • Be an important part of a great team!
  • Free admission to parts of the Medieval Week’s program NOTE subject to availability
  • One meal per shift worked
  • Free accommodation at Medieval Week camping (own tent and equipment needed).
  • Exclusive volunteer gift

Medieval week volunteers are divided into different groups, read more about the different roles below, we also want you to take part in our volunteer policy before you submit the application.

Role descriptions

PLEASE NOTE that these roles are specializations, and may change. In scheduling, you may get to work in a role that you have not applied for.


If you register an entire association to help during Medieval Week, we will contact you for further dialogue.


As an activity host, you work in the activity areas that are built down by the Medieval Arena and the Markets. You’ll meet guests who are extra passionate about your particular area of ​​activity, your theme. It can be family activities for children and parents (for example, some form of medieval craft of a simpler kind or carousel) or cosplay participants, adventurers and cruise guests. It is important that you feel confident in working with children and young people and think it’s fun.

The work as an activity host means:

  • That you work together with other volunteers in the Medieval Week’s activity areas.
  • You work at least 4 shifts of 4-5 hours during the week of the festival.


As an entrance host, you staff one of several different entrances and exits to and from Medieval Week’s areas and events, such as ruin performances, camps, Riddargård and the arena. You check tickets, give area directives and control audience flows. The information may vary slightly depending on which entrance you staff.

The work as an entrance host means:

  • that you, together with at least 1 co-volunteer, staff our entrances to provide festival information to our visitors,
  • provide simpler directions or area descriptions to visitors,
  • check tickets and entrance passes
  • control the audience flow through the entrance
  • work 4 passes of 4-5 h each during the week of the festival.


As an office host, you are mainly stationed at the Medieval Week’s office, making it easier for the staff by keeping track of the office and doing errands. Medieval garb is optional for this role.

The tasks of an office host is:

  • to keep the office clean and tidy,
  • to make smaller, complementary purchases and potentially other helpful tasks when needed.
  • You work at least 4 shifts of 4-5 hours during the week before the festival and/or 4 shifts of 4-5 hours during the week of the festival.


As a roadie, you work before, during and after the Medieval Week to put up the area around the market together with other members of staff and participate in the pick-up after the end of the week. You have the oportunity to work in the week before the actual week of the festival, aswell as the week after, and thus be free during the actual Medieval Week, OR to work as a roadie during the Festival. To volunteer as a roadie, you need to be prepared for physical outdoor work of varying nature.

Working as a roadie in Group 1 means that:

  • You work together with Medieval Week staff before and after Medieval Week with rigging outdoors the 3-6 August and 15-17 August. TIMES MAY VARY.
  • Your work is of a physical nature and involves heavy lifting.

Working as a roadie in Group 2 means that:

  • You are working together with Medieval Week staff during the festival as a problem solving (friendly) attack team the 7-14 August. TIMES MAY VARY.
  • Your work is of a physical nature and involves heavy lifting.


This is a new role for 2022, designed for those of you who want to take greater responsibility for volunteer management during Medieval Week. In addition to sessions during Medieval Week, you also need to be able to attend 3 planning meetings during spring and summer.


In this role, you work in our stores with sales of this year’s pin and other merchandise, entrance passes and tickets to performances among other things. Here you meet all types of visitors and need to be prepared to answer questions about the Medieval Week’s events. To volunteer as a visitor center host, you need to

  • Be able to communicate information clearly and comprehensibly,
  • Enjoy sales.
  • Have good local knowledge regarding the areas where Medieval Week arranges events.
  • Enjoy talking to visitors.
  • Manage and maintain a pleasant shopping environment.
  • Be willing to work in a store or have previous experience of working in a store.
  • Feel comfortable being in charge.

The work as a visitor center host means:

  • To work day and/or evening, at least 4 shifts of 5 hours during the week.
  • You have 1-2 days off during the Week.
  • You’ll work in teams of at least 2 people, never alone.
  • You’ll be answering “tourist questions” and you’ll have close contact with the store manager.


If you are interested in volunteering in the evenings during July and the week before Medieval week, helping us at the office and at the Medieval Arena performances, we can offer you some very intense and interesting evenings. Two shifts per week.

CLARIFICATION: Due to GDPR and to improve our service, we have set up a new system for participation and require you to register a new account this year. We apologize for the inconvenience, you will only need to do this once. Your profile will be kept with your permission for coming years.