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Here is a guide (leading to an application form) for you who are interested in participating in organising something at the Medieval week. Read the entire text. All information below with reservation for changes.

We are looking for a wide range of historic experiences for our guests. To participate all elements, such as music, performances and activities, must have medieval theme, including participating staff costume. This year we have a fantasy theme for you who wants to put a magical spin on the Medieval Age.

Medieval week is a creative centre for artists, producers, exhibitors, craftspeople, associations and many others. With over 100 000 visits to the festival each year there’s a big audience to inspire!

Theme Fantasy gives you room in your show, market stall et cetera, to pick up for instance dragons, goblins (di sma undar jordi), or play around with your favorite character from a medieval inspired computer game, TV show or book.

Welcome to participate in creating the world’s best Medieval Age!

If you just like to visit Medieval Week this Summer, you find the booking here:

To the tickets


Once you’ve read the guide, the submission form can be found at the end of this page. Create a user profile and fill out the form for all of you participating in building Medieval week 2022.

You can contact the organisers for tips, advice and support. Fill out the form thoroughly and sincerely to allow us to help you in the best possible way.

DEADLINE FOR YOUR APPLICATION is no later than midnight February 28. You can add to your application up until May 16, but we like to have you in the system as soon as possible to facilitate the agreement process, ticket release and marketing early.

  • New for this year is no separate fee (750 kr) to be part of the officiell program for Medieval week program items 2022. It is possible to purchase additional visibility for your program item in the form of ads
  • Each participant is responsible for their travel, transport and accommodation
  • Note that there is a possibility for group discount on travel for groups in excess of 10 people through Medieval week’s main partner Destination Gotland


  • The Medieval Week on Gotland foundation is a research association, founded with an educational purpose, with the wholly owned non-profit company Medeltidsveckan på Gotland AB as organiser of the festival. Medieval week is non political. We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone in conflict with our ethical values
  • Medieval week has a big focus on equality and actively works to promote inclusion and representation regardless of background, gender, faith and personal circumstances. You need to adhere to our ethical values and the Swedish Diskrimineringslagen (discrimination act)
  • Participants are responsible for keeping an up to date insurance as needed for their own operations. Medieval week is not responsible for any personal injuries
  • No use of alcohol or other drugs is allowed during contracted time or in conjunction with the execution of your program item. Drugs include both alcohol or illegal substances (commonly referred to as narcotics) and steroids. It is not allowed to perform while under influence of alcohol or other drugs. By under influence, we refer to the limits set by current regulations for intoxication in Swedish trafiklagstiftning (traffic legislation). Day-after effects, so called hungover, which prevents appropriate execution of the work is not accepted
  • Medieval week is happy to assist in marketing of your program item, and encourages online sharing. Please include the following information when publishing in social media For booking and more information, visit
  • Please click the yellow links below to read the guidelines for your program item
Information for artists, lecturers and other Information for medieval markets, camps and theme areas


Enter your email address and chose your password below to start submitting your program items for Medieval week 2022 theme Fantasy

(The Terms & conditions link above refers to this page. Read the introduction and the yellow link that relates to what you do)

Medieval Week 2022 theme Fantasy